We are a family run business with ties to racing and the automotive industry since 1967. Avia Speed Shop is able to cater for all of your car and light goods vehicle needs. We have a dedicated MOT lane, tyre bay and can fulfil all your servicing, alignment, repair and setup requirements.

We take care in looking after all work, from occasional maintenance on your everyday car, to suspension tweaks and specialist set up for your cherished or performance car. We have a local and national reputation for being one of the best around, especially when it comes to making cars drive more effectively on track.

With a comfortable waiting area you’re welcome to stay and have a chat and a complimentary tea or coffee while we take care of things, or alternatively, take advantage of courtesy car or local drop off service if you’re in a hurry.


Meet The Team


Rebecca Watt – Apprentice

Rebecca’s taste in music has been declared as too alternative for the rest of the workshop to understand and she likes to play her guitar, Lexi. You can find her working both in the workshop and in the office – but if it’s cold you might have to look a bit harder to find her as she is hidden by umpteen jumpers.

Rebecca is an explorer and always happy to try new things and is hands on organising the more active company outings. She does hate tax returns and companies who screw up their paperwork!




Quick ride while it’s not broken!
Hayley Pells – MOT Tester and Administration Manager

Hayley has old stuff that is sometimes on the road but spends most of her time looking for hard to find parts and then waiting for them to arrive so she can get things moving even if it is for a brief period before they break again. She loves stinky cheese and the whole workshop suffers when she indulges.

Hayley’s job description has previously been described as “looking after her dad whilst her mum is at work,” she has not offered recent comment on this.





In Italy. Obviously.
Andy Murdoch – MOT Tester and Workshop Manager

Andy likes Italian things. Italian coffee, Italian bikes, Italian food, Italian cars. Italy. In his time off he likes to go to Italy on his Italian bike to enjoy Italian food and wine and comes back and tells us all about Italy whilst we drink Italian coffee that Andy thought we should have at the workshop. It is very nice though.

Andy likes doing suspension set ups for sports cars. Especially Italian sports cars.





Connor Holland – Vehicle Technician

Connor likes mountain biking, getting out on his motorcycle and collecting Volkswagens. He likes eating takeaway food for lunch every day and treats the top of his tool box as a sort of gummy sweet buffet cart. He has an Old English Sheep Dog called Alfie.

Connor loves camping and going to bike rallies and festivals. He can regularly be found at the beach with his friends when he isn’t at work. Connor is very laid back and doesn’t really hate anything apart from mushrooms.