In order to further advance the investment of your suspension, as well as improving your driving ability it is important to set the suspension up. This process improves the handling and therefore the driving experience allowing you to exit corners at a faster speed and provide you with the ultimate handling package.

How the suspension is set up can be deeply personal with drivers preferring very different adjustments to each other. These settings can be jealously guarded and top flight teams will go to great lengths in order to protect their secrets. For entry level and track car use there are the fundamental rules of setting up suspension which can be applied to all cars with adjustable shock absorber platforms. This can vastly alter the personality of the car and if you are new to performance cars it is important to consider if your driving ability is ready for taking the vehicle beyond the every day settings for the road. 

Some enthusiasts will have their road car suspension set up for a more spirited experience as well as for safety reasons to improve grip on the road. Performance does have a cost and this can be reflected in tyre wear. A mild or standard set up will not have the impact on tyre wear that fast use set up will cause. 

Not all cars are capable of a performance set up. Your car will need to have the ability for the adjustments to be made and few cars leave the factory with adjustable suspension. Your car will need to be well maintained and in a good state of repair, if the components are seized the adjustments cannot be made without repair first and this would be at additional cost. Your car will need to have sufficient clearance for the work to be completed. Some sports cars, by their original design are very low to the ground and this does not impede the process of suspension set up, cars that have been lowered for aesthetic reasons can be difficult to work on, especially if the suspension has been taken out the range of which it can operate effectively.

Our set up procedure includes:

  • Four wheel alignment
  • Camber
  • Castor
  • Ride height & ground clearance
  • Corner weight adjustment
  • Test drive – ideally by the technician and yourself. Your car must be road legal in order for this stage to be completed. For full competition cars an allowance of time can be made for minor adjustments if arranged in advance.

Price £185. This price includes the current rate of VAT

It is strongly advised to book in advance. The lead time during track season is usually around two weeks, out of season is usually a lead time of one week.