Servicing refers to the schedule set by the vehicle manufacturer to inspect the vehicle and, at prescribed times, the replacement of consumable items within the vehicle. Here at Avia Autos only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are used from trusted suppliers to maintain quality and safety standards.

Avia Autos has a comprehensive database covering most makes and models in order to accurately maintain your vehicles service schedule. For an accurate cost please contact the garage with your vehicle details including the registration number and current mileage. Usually a contact number is taken at this point in order to compile the estimate and return to you with that price. 

In some cases it may be necessary to increase the frequency of some aspects of vehicle maintenance, most commonly this is the oil and filter change and is usually only applicable to vehicles that are achieving more than the usual expected mileage. Sometimes service items may be omitted from the service due to an earlier repair that may have necessitated the replacement of a service item and so it is not due for replacement at the scheduled time. This may be a component such as a radiator and during the repair the coolant would have been replaced. It is important to give any additional details of previous repairs, or symptoms of poor running, as they may alter the estimated price. 

Avia Autos is also a Tec4 Service Centre offering a full range of Carbon Cleaning services designed specifically to address the gradual loss of performance and economy created by the natural process of carbon contamination.