Petrol, Oil and Diesel are made from organic matter. When they combust or are left to naturally degrade, contamination is created. This contamination builds up on key components within the engine, resulting in a gradual loss of performance and fuel economy.

As a  Tec4 Service Centre using treatments which are the culmination of years of research and development by Tec4 to safely remove this harmful contamination gives the best result for improved fuel efficiency and engine reliability. They are safe due to the unique way they dissolve contamination using blended detergents and cleaning agents. Tec4 products are supplied directly to garages and should only be used by trained staff.  

The Carbon Cleaning Revolution!

Modern engine design, coupled with a drive to reduce harmful emissions, has led to a significant increase in contamination related issues such as

  • Blocked DPF’s
  • Fouled Fuel Injectors
  • MOT emission failures

The Tec4 Carbon Cleaning Machine – available at Avia Autos as a Tec4 Service Centre

The result?…

A significant saving in your motoring costs!

Why Carbon Clean?

Cleaning the carbon from your car’s engine every once in a while is a very good idea, giving you the benefits of increased performance, improved fuel economy and the reduced likelihood of a breakdown as well as benefits to the environment due to the reduction in harmful emissions.

Any vehicle that has covered more than 10,000 miles, or is used regularly for ’round town’ driving, benefits from having a “Carbon Clean” – particularly Diesel vehicles fitted with DPF’s.

A typical carbon clean will improve fuel economy by 10%, saving the average motorist approximately £200 per year in improved fuel economy.


Fuel and Oil are an organic matter, when they are burnt or left to naturally degrade they form contamination, this adheres to different components within the engine, namely:

  • EGR Valve
  • Lambda Sensor
  • HVL
  • VVT System
  • Injectors
  • Valves
  • Piston Crown
  • Piston Rings

Over the last 20 years, engines have become more complex and the tolerances within the engine have become finer. As a result, it takes just a small amount of contamination to adversely affect engine performance.



The most common cause of reduced fuel economy is poor combustion.

This is caused by a combination of effects, most commonly:

  • Contaminated fuel injectors –
    Leading to poor fuel delivery
  • Contamination on the piston crown –
    Reducing the ability of the fuel and air to mix properly in the combustion chamber
  • Contamination in the piston ring grooves and on the valve seats –
    Reducing compressions.



When a car is new there is no contamination present in the engine, as a consequence fuel economy is at its optimum level.

As mileage increases, contamination builds up on different components, resulting in a drop in engine efficiency.

  • Fuel economy reduces
  • Emissions increase
  • Performance and smoothness is compromised.

If the contamination is removed using Tec4 engine treatments, performance is restored, emissions are reduced and fuel economy is improved.



Tec4 Oil System Cleaner is a highly concentrated technically advanced formulation designed to clean contaminants from the oil system safely and effectively.

The product is a combination of 4 technologies which:

  1. Add lubricity
  2. Neutralises acids
  3. Dissolves contamination
  4. Holds contaminants in suspension

When the product is added to the old depleted oil it immediately neutralises acid which has built up in the crankcase and adds lubricity, enabling the detergents to safely dissolve contamination which has built up:

  • In the crank case
  • On piston rings
  • In the variable valve timing
  • In the hydraulic valve lifters

These harmful contaminants are held in suspension and safely removed with the old oil.

On completion of the cleaning process the reduced amount of depleted oil left in the engine is acid neutral ensuring the new oil stays cleaner for longer.

Tec4 Petrol System Cleaner and Tec4 Diesel System Cleaner are a highly concentrated blend of non combustible detergents, lubricants and acid neutralisers which work in both their liquid and gas state.

In their liquid state they:

  • Clean and lubricate the fuel pump, fuel lines and fuel injectors
  • Clean and lubricate the inlet valve

When the product enters the combustion chamber it atomises and continues to clean:

  • The piston crown and piston rings
  • Exhaust valves
  • EGR Valve
  • Lambda sensors